A Lenten Storm

It seemed too early in the morning for the sky to be so ominous and yet as I sat in my favorite chair watching the world awaken outside my window, I could not help but notice the warning in the air.  It appeared this first day of March would be roaring in as a lion.  […]

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Crown of Beauty - “We have to enter in and stand in the downpour if we want a washing to come.”

These words catch my attention, dear friend.

How have you been? I’ve dropped by here a few times recently… lingering, reading your heart. Though I have not been visiting many blogs the past years, still there comes a time when my heart wants to reconnect with a kindred spirit. Trusting all is well with you.

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O Holy Night

Oh holy night…the words fade softly into the dark surrounding me.  It is 3:00am and I am sitting here on the couch enveloped in the soft glow of lights from the Christmas tree perched in the corner.  I am welcoming the advent of this day earlier than most but it seemed more prudent to wrestle […]

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Lynn T - Beautiful my friend.

Virginia - Beautifully written, sweet friend.

Denise - Thank you sweet friend!

Denise - Hi Virginia! Thank you for stopping by and leaving such kind words!

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15 years and still counting…

Today marks an anniversary many of us wish was never on our calendars.  15 years and the strange thing is it feels as if not a day has passed.  And yet, so many have. Moments fade into memories.  On most days, I can barely fight to remember what happened yesterday. Today, I wrestle with the […]

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Virginia Wills - Beautiful

Melody - Denise, you become more and more amazing to me with each new piece I learn about you.

Denise - Melody, your words are so kind. Love you, sweet friend!

Denise - Thanks friend!

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