A morning song



A new breath

A fresh song

Lord, I pray that my heart is redirected today because this life is full of choices.

May I release the grip on the past – in all its good and bad.  May I stop striving for the tomorrow to the detriment of my today.  May my heart and my head learn to savor the gift of my now in all its raw beauty.

Awake in me the slumbering graces of gratitude and joy.  If a song of joy is the echo of Your life in me, I fear that a silence booms an absence that should never be.

So this morning as the sun peeks across the horizon, I place myself in its warming beam and feel the embrace of the One who thunders in whispers and who paints the morning sky.  Who loves with immensity my heart can barely fathom and yet, begs to drink it in.

This morning I choose stand in awe of my Creator.   Reverberate in my life today, Lord.   Let me not miss a single moment for each one is a gift – a precious opportunity – to choose to live the story You have given me.  Oh, that I may live it well with gratitude and joy.

Sing over me

Sing within me

Sing through me…I am Yours.




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Holy CPR


Early this morning the sky blazed as the sun broke through the night sky.  Oh, how I am grateful to have seen His brushstrokes upon the horizon.   In a fleeting moment, His hand created a masterpiece that resuscitated my soul.

We all need that now and then – a holy CPR.

In an instant, beauty kindled an awareness of His Presence.  With each compression of my heart His essence flowed through my every cell.  With each breath that left my lips, His love was made manifest.  A love that bellowed life to me and burned white hot in each face I encountered today.   I saw Him.

He was there.  He is there.  He will always be there.


With me

With you

Oh friends, I pray in the midst of your ordinary moments today that you too have seen Him.  For as much as He permeated the morning sky, He invades our every moment.   It’s an awakening of soul and spirit.   Welcome Him in and be revived.

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