The Morning Sun

It rises slowly above the trees.  As if it gently seeks to kiss the sky.

If only I rose so kindly from my nightly slumber.  Quiet yes, but kindly takes time.

(And coffee)

It is a process, isn’t it – this waking of body and soul.  Gentle or not, it calls us to rise and meet the moment.   Open eyes and heart to the wonder of that which is new.

With yawn and stretch, I gather my bearings and drink in the breath of mercies made new.  The sandman’s sleep falls slowly away. 

Soul uncovered bathed in Light.

Great is His faithfulness.


Learning to write freely – Joining in with:

Jennifer {StudioJRU} - Soul uncovered bathed in Light… beautiful. Just beautiful. And such a gorgeous photo. So happy you stopped by today so I could find your wonderful blog!! Nice to ‘meet’ you! 🙂

Jennifer {StudioJRU} - Do you have a facebook page? The link at the top wasn’t taking me to one or the pinterest one… just to let you know. 🙂

Julia - You capture the morning so perfectly. Stopping by from just write.

Kathleen Basi - That is beautiful. You’ve encapsulated what I love about mornings. Still, I don’t always know that I’m not kindly until I’ve been up a while by myself, and the kids wake up and the noise begins…

Denise - I get it…for me it is quiet and coffee! Thanks for visiting!

Denise - Jennifer thanks for stopping by! I am glad you found me too!

Denise - Julia – thank you…it is nice to meet you!

Denise - Jennifer, I am working on the links. Should have things fixed soon. Thanks for the heads up! :0)


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