Soul Sisters


Sitting here with the table decorated and the food in a cooler, I wondered why it took so long to come to this place.  Where I can linger in the summer sun allowing it warm both body and spirit.  Not that long ago, I was trapped in a mix of ugly and it isn’t a welcoming place.  When you are stuck in your own mire and the world seems dingy gray, it is hard to see the sunshine and feel the coming breeze.

Yet here at this moment, I was doing just that.  At this noon hour, I sat in the breaking shade and felt the soft breeze dance past my shoulders.  I waited to share my gratitude with three friends of the heart and caretakers of the soul.

We need people like this in our lives – friends who see into the dingy, sticky places of the heart and reach in to grab hold of you. Such people don’t mind getting dirty when getting dirty means getting you out. 

Not everyone will do that.  Not everyone wants to get dirty. 

Yet, as long as our feet touch this earthen clay we will all do a little mud wrestling of the soul.  We will find ourselves stuck the mire of our own making.  Mire making is what we do and when the quagmire gets to clingy – do you know who will rescue you? 

I am grateful for these soul sisters.  Each of them carry a gift far different than the other and yet we are all bound by one thread – God who gives us breath to love and live and get dirty.  When I was stuck and trying to figure my own way out one by one they came.  They spoke into my life Truth and love.  They reached in and rescued.  Through them God made a way for me. 

They got dirty and I got clean. 


Joining in with:

Katie - I am grateful for friends like this also. God uses them in our lives. Thank you for sharing in the jam session.

Denise - Ever grateful am I! Thanks for stopping by!

Barbie - It’s such a blessing to have friendships like these. I am blessed for the women God has brought into my life. I enjoyed my visit today from Bonnie’s.

Denise - Hi Barbie! We all need soul friends! A blessing they truly are! Thanks for visiting today!

Lynn - I have realized over the past year that each friend in our lives offers something different and fills a different need in me. If I allow God to guide me, he leads me to the right friend at the right time – to either fill a need in them or a need in me 🙂 I thank God for the beautiful and very different friends in my life.

Denise - He places those people we need in our paths. My dear friend, I am so grateful He gave me you!

jedidja - Great post ( and beautiful picture). I am so thankful for all my friends ;-)They are a blessing for my, special in hard times.

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