Etchings of a Hyphenated Life

Life etches rings around me.  Carving memories that seek to remain. 

Some days are monument makers, like birth and death.    Many pass almost unnoticed – a hyphen of life in between.   Yet, their markings carrying weight far beyond their significance and need to be remembered.

This weekend was the in between – a fitting pause between the long goodbye of summer and the incoming rush of fall.   

Summer did not hurry for me in haste but it burdened with a monument unwanted – a too soon goodbye to a faithful friend.  Now, in the too gentle, too quiet moments I breathe a pause of thanks for all creatures great and small. 


This life has afforded me much to be thankful for and yet I have allowed most to move past unnoticed like a string of “hyphenated” days.  Such moments have passed by far too easily and left far too light a memory when my neglect allowed.  

 It has allowed too much.

Now I seek to regroup and gather back to me these graces before they slip away forever unnoticed.  Like the quiet, morning walks with a faithful friend who mourns like I do a companion now gone.



The rain that hung heavy in the air and then later fell in drops long hoped for.  Life gathered in its mist and drank in the refreshment.



The Word that speaks when all else is quiet.  It is the refreshing fount of Living Water that drenched this thirsty soul.



The time off from schedules and commitments to just be present – no more, no less – yet all of what I needed.



Life lived in the hyphen.  Life etched soul. 

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Lynn - Isn’t it interesting how the loss of a loved one can open our eyes and help us to see and appreciate the beauty of those who are still among us.

Denise - Interesting indeed my friend! Too often and too long do I walk with eyes half open!

Jennifer {StudioJRU} - Ohh… this brings tears to me! We also had a too soon goodbye to a faithful friend this summer. Still makes me cry. I am sorry for your goodbye. ((hugs))

Denise - Oh Jennifer, it is hard isn’t it! We miss him so. Sam was a true Velcro golden.

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