Why write?

I sit here at the computer wondering, why do I write?  I wonder if the words I seek to put to page would find better purpose somewhere else. 

My words – yes – always yes.

If I sit here and write only what I think will draw the most comments or the most visits then I write not for the One who gifts me with voice.  I write only for me.  These words, my words, will always fall empty to the page.

His come with a cost.  They will always require more of me than mine will ever ask.  Should it be any less?

The One who gave it all – his life a ransom for my soul, for my voice – requires a like bounty. 

A life lived in the crucible where a heart burns white hot.  It is there in the refining fire my words rise like dross and His voice is found.

May I never take these words lightly.  May I never lose sight of the Voice-Giver. 

 “You can never set apart for God something that you desire

yourself to achieve for your own satisfaction.”

– Oswald Chambers

Jody Lee Collins - oohhhhhh, an Oswald reader. I have a dose of him daily,. His words are so challenging. I appreciate your honesty here.


Denise - Oh yes…Mr. Chambers words often cut deep but I love them so! Thanks for visiting, Jody!

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