Drinking In


It pours down on my soul, this Spirit drenched Word.  I can barely breathe under its weight but yet I don’t struggle.  I give in.  I give up.  

It is what He wanted all along.  Why I battle so, I do not know.  Like Paul, I fight even when I don’t want to and know I shouldn’t.  Yet, He continues to long for my surrender.  He waits far longer than He should and far longer than this broken soul deserves. 

I am grateful. 

Thankful that the One who spoke this world into existence still speaks today and I stand amazed at the million ways He chooses to bring Truth into my life. 

This weekend He spoke peace upon my anxious heart, mercy upon my broken soul and grace into my outstretched arms.   Like dew gathering on a flower’s leaf, His Words cling to my heart. 

I drink in and am refreshed.


Remembering with thanks…

 peace found on a sunny afternoon

 Truth spoken by one He has gifted to teach.  One who wants us all to be Living Proof.

 friends who walk a similar path

 quiet moments and thoughts gathered

 assurance that it is time to say goodbye

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Mari - I am glad you have felt His presence around you, that is so needed sometimes b/c nothing brings comfort like it. What a blessing it is to have someone who walks the same path we walk in, there are few words sweeter than “me too!”. Blessings to you this week 🙂

Lidia - Denise,
This is beautiful. Yours is definitely one of my favorite blogs – the brevity of your posts, yet there’s depth… simple and elegant. Sometimes I say to myself the very same words. Why struggle? But you know, sometimes I hear an answer. Sometimes we need to struggle to break free…

Blessings on your new day, friend.


Denise - Lidia, that is the truth our human heart doesn’t want to believe, isn’t it! Struggle is most often with a refining purpose! Thank you sweet friend for your kind and wise words.

Denise - Mari, indeed those “me too” moments are ever sweet! Thanks for stopping by!

Sr. Ann Marie Slavin - Thank you for a beautiful and very meaningful post. I also appreciate your visiting my blog and taking time to comment.

Denise - Sr. Ann, thank you for returning such kindness!

tinuviel - I’m sorry for the need of good-bye but glad for you it came with assurance. My mother and I also participated in the Living Proof simulcast this weekend. What a tremendous blessing!

Your photos here are beautiful, and I love these lines: “I give in. I give up. It is what He wanted all along.”

You linked up ahead of me at Playdates this week. Your post encouraged.

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