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I have a coworker who lives right on the Potomac River.  He and his wife wake up each morning to sunrises over the water.  Often, as I am driving to work on the George Washington Parkway I get a quick glimpse of these morning lights shimmering through the trees.  I think of them and enviously wish these views were my morning portion.  Each day seems markedly different than the previous and yet, not one is less than the other. 

All are captivating.

This morning as I walked once again around our little lake (or is it a pond), I prayed for fresh eyes to see His glory and grace.  He never disappoints – as I am so often prone to do.  A whispered prayer carried to the heavens and then this I behold…


He is a generous God.  A giver all that is good and perfect.  He calls us to choose the right thing like Mary who sat His feet savoring His Presence and not be like Martha who was distracted and bothered by the unnecessary (Luke 10: 41-42)

Friends, I am so guilty of a Martha mindset.  I miss the beauty in my own little world – too busy to see the graces right in front of me – too distracted by the unnecessary to enjoy my portion.  So today, I pray for eyes to see, ears to listen and a heart to ponder.

Today I savor His presence in my portion.  Join me, my friends, for we each have our share of grace to enjoy.

Angala Heuermann - So timely. Thank you.

Lidia - Hi Denise
A beautiful and meaningful 2013 to you!

I can’t believe what I read in your Christmas Forever Changed post. Amazing that your words speak the very same things that have been brewing in my heart since Christmas Day. Thank you for sharing your heart. May I quote some of your words, and put a link to this post, on my latest post? Thank you. I loved the sunrise photo you shared here as well!


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