Be Still


Be still and know that I am God.

Psalm 46:10

I have felt a call of late. It is beckoning my very soul into its presence. It asks nothing more of me than to be quiet. It would seem at first glance that I am being asked the impossible.

The frenetic pace of life has infected me with its virus of restless and wandering thoughts. I am tainted, contaminated but thankfully, not terminal.

So, I wait.

In the quiet of my surroundings, I wait. Loudly and impatiently, I wait.

There is a mystery in silence,

Surrender and healing draw near.


Be still and know that I am GOD

You are the Alpha and Omega. All things are created by your hand. Nothing, absolutely nothing happens without your knowledge. Great are you, Lord, and mighty in power. My existence is by your hand. My very breath is whispered from your lips.

Be still and know that I AM

You were before anything was. You are here now. You will forever be. What You are I am not nor will I ever be.

Be still and KNOW

It doesn’t come easy. Good things rarely do. Priceless items like wisdom and knowledge are treasures to seek. I know very little, save the fact, I want you Lord – morning, noon, night, inside, out, above, around and below – only to know You.


Quiet me. I create my own clamor. Incessantly, even when I don’t want to, I do. Turn my very being away from the outward things and toward you.


Exist in Him.

Exist for Him.

Breathe Him alone.

(This is a repost from my very first blog and a whisper from my heart today)



Barbie - Oh yes! I long to be. So beautiful!

Lidia - I am often amazed at how similar our journeys are… though the circumstances are different, the cry of our hearts, the unspoken longings meet at a common point. This may be a repost, but it still speaks to my heart, as if the words were just written today. Praying that the spring season will infuse your heart with a sense of new beginnings.

Much love

Denise - Oh Lidia, I think that is the beauty of His creation. We are so intertwined – a body made up of parts. We may exist in different places but in Him we are one. I pray the same for you, friend – newness, freshness and growth.

Denise - Thank you Barbie. I pray you find the space to Be Still in His presence – there your refreshing will come!

Lidia - Trusting all is well with you dear friend. How have you been?

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