The Morning Fog


This morning the fog falls heavy and deep.  It masks the beauty just behind its veil.  Still, in its haze I hear a beckon to come – to enter in and seek what is hidden beyond my sight.

Some have wondered where I have been.  This place so quiet and empty for so long.  I am grateful that you have not forgotten me in my silence. I have been caught in my own fog of a major life change.  Stuck in a season of unknowing.  Having to learn new roles has overwhelmed me to distraction.

Yet, as the morning fog beckons so does this little space of mine.

I pray that my words will be uncovered.  They have veiled too long in the haze of distraction.  So I enter in to take hold of what has been hiding just outside the grasp of my heart.

This new season needed a new face.  I hope you like its bright, new appearance.  It is still a work in progress – yet in this life, most everything is, right?!



Isunji - Love it! Welcome back!!! <3 <3 <3

Lynn - Love it!!

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