This Present Moment


As I was reading this morning, this quote jumped off the page:

“All we need to know is how to recognize His will in this present moment.” (Jean-Pierre de Caussade).

What echoed in my heart and soul was how much of “this present moment” we miss (I miss).

Our now is so easily lost by our need to fill space and heart with the wanting and the wasted. We hunger for things to come and miss what is right in front of us. We worry about how things appear to others we forget to live the truth as it really is.

Distraction is a fine tool of our enemy. For when our focus is removed from what is at hand, we miss the opportunity to hold the present grace that resides within our reach. Instead, we struggle to snatch at the empty air trying to grab things that are not meant for now and in truth, may never be ours to hold.

Today my prayer is…

May what God ordains for this present moment be the only thing I want or hold.

Lidia - Hi Denise
I’ve come here to find out how you are doing. I read this post and the one before it. As always, there is beauty in the brevity of your posts – “cryptic” is how I sometimes see it – the reader is led into the mystery of your life, knowing and yet not knowing. I often wish I knew more of what is going on. But that is your style – of course, I respect you and admire you for it. Know that you are often on my heart, dear friend. I will be in your homeland Sept to November of this year. I wonder if there was a way we could meet face to face?

Blessings of peace

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