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I want to write.  I want my voice to mean something – something more than the words in my head; something more than the words in my heart. 

I want to write.  I want words to fall like tears to the page – sweet, salty – full of emotion.

I want to write.  I want to give voice to that which has none.

I want to write.  I want to put words to the beauty that I see; the beauty that I live – even when it is hard to recognize – to find value.  Words do that don’t they?  Give value to the hidden.

I want to write.  It is more than a want…it is a need.  Because when my words fall short of the page – my heart remains hidden.  

Words uncover me.


Five Minute Friday
I hope that it is not wrong joining this party a day late…I just couldn’t stay away!

Machaela Curry - Love this!!!

isunji - ♥♥♥ this.

Denise - Thanks friend! {{hugs}}

Denise - Thanks Machaela!

Christina - Denise, this is beautiful. I especially love the last two lines. So true.

Denise - Thanks Christina!

lisa - “Words uncover me.”….I love this. I am finding the same thing as I just go for it with writing. I am finding that it is uncovering what I suspected was there all along. It is affirming those things, leaving less doubt about who I am. Thanks for your contribution to FMF. I also joined a day late. 🙂 Glad you didn’t stay away. I enjoyed your post and your blog is quite beautiful.

Denise - Thank you Lisa. It is a process – writing – uncovering – exposing. Learning to to let the words flow from within is dangerous and incredible.

Lidia - Hi Denise
This is such a beautiful post. Brief… but enough. And expresses so much in just a few lines.

I came here today… it’s been a while. But when I posted my latest blog entry, somehow, I was thinking of you. Am still in VA… wish there was a way we could meet.


laura - I know that face!

What a beautiful space you have here, Denise. And what a blessing to meet you this weekend and hug on you a little. I’m looking forward to reading more of your beautiful words and staying in touch better :). Let the uncovering begin.

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