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It is quiet – not the eerie kind of quiet that sends shivers down the spine. 

No, rather it is the enveloping quiet wrapping itself like a hug around the soul.  It is the silence that caresses my heart to soften and awaken to His presence anew.   I find it now in the early morning dark while the busy world slumbers.  It is in this quiet hush that I hear His voice whisper. 

I am learning not to fight the internal alarm clock that rouses me at 3am but instead embrace this quiet place.  Open my eyes, my heart and my soul to the One whose whispers have too long been drowned out in the whir of life. 

Be still, be calm, see, and understand I am the True God.  Psalm 46:10 Voice

I sit here emptying myself of all the noise that has invaded my heart.  It roars as water rushing through a crumbling dam.  There is no way to stop it now – the force is too great and it spews me hollow.   And yet, in this pouring out I am not left vacant but available… 

Stillness has to do with seeing…the opening our eyes to another dimension, to the mystery of God that lies all about us.  M. Mayne

…available to Him. 





Cynthia Thomas - Not sure how many years ago I roused from anxious sleep, let my knees hit the floor of our living room with the big bay window and began to experience night prayers. The moon silhouetting the trees or the soft whispers of wind frame those quiet hours in ways my heart cannot see in the day. Like you, I have discovered the deep dark gives me the most space to experience God in prayer. I have come to love this hour and I thank the Holy Spirit for His night promptings. “I will remember my song in the night; I will meditate with my heart; and my spirit ponders.” Ps. 76:6

Lidia - When you are awakened in the middle of the night, it is an invitation to enter God’s presence, there He reveals throne room secrets not normally given under the bright glare of daylight. Be honored, it is a privilege. The cover of night is intended by God, because at that so-called “unholy” hour, when all the world is still, our senses are acute, free from distractions.

Denise - Lidia, it is so like God to take what many would call “unholy” and “unwelcomed” and make it Holy and His. Learning to lay aside my own comfort for His whispers. Blessings to you my friend!

Denise - Cynthia, it is the song in the night. I love those “soft whispers” that frame those hours…His breath warm and moist on my soul.

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