I close my eyes and I am there. 

In a church with no walls yet with worship so free earthen boundaries could never contain it.

In a school where chalkboards perched precariously on chairs and sweet little faces peer around corners eyes wide with curiosity.

In the wall-less, roof-less “living room” of a home where sweet community is forged and prayers are spoken.

In a chair outside a church where water flows down faces and over feet – holy ground.

I am inhaling deeply the graces found once again in Haiti.  Soon, I will share this incredible trip.  Right now I am savoring (selfishly) the treasures in my soul.


Tracey Harris - Denise, this is perfect. Wishing we were still “there”.

Denise - Thanks Tracey. It is a bit surreal returning here in the midst of Christmas – a tug-o-war of abundance and simplicity. I am blessed to have shared the experience with you!

Lidia - This photograph is lovely, and so are the words you have shared, albeit brief, they whet my appetite for more. I am looking forward to reading what God has done in your heart while you were there. New Year blessings be showered upon you from heaven above, dear friend. Having you as a blog and FB friend is a privilege. Love,

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