Sweet Silence


Sweet silence I beg

               do not leave me

Rather, surround me

               in your gentle arms

In your sweet caress

               may I find peace

In your warm embrace

               may I find love

In your quiet comfort

               may I find forgiveness

Oh, most gentle spirit

               graceful and true

In your presence

               I know that God exists

In the sweetness of solitude

               He speaks to me


These simple words were shared almost 5 years ago on my very first blog.  Today, the quiet calls me back…

Barbie - Thank you so much Denise for stopping by my blog today. I LOVE this post. Need to print it out where I can see it often.

Lidia - I remember reading this and leaving a response. Now I’m back to check out if there anything recent. I miss your posts, Denise… This one however spoke to me, all over again. Beautiful!

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