A Prayer for Today


Father some of us come wearied by the cares of this world

Our hearts are broken

Our minds confused

Our strength is gone

Others come holding firm to things that keep us from you

We grasp so tightly to our hurts, disappointments and fears…

We cannot even begin to reach out for help and relief

Father, I pray for fresh revelation of your love to overwhelm us

Revive us Lord

May we encounter you in such a way that we are compelled towards your heart and away from our own

May your Word – your Living Word – come alive in us in a way that we have never experienced

Like your breath upon the dry bones in the valley…breathe your Spirit upon us and in us!  Make us alive!

For You are God

Who forgives all our sins

Who heals all our diseases

Who redeems us from the pit

Who is faithful and true

You are God

Who loves from everlasting to everlasting

May your love drenched living breath bring a song to our lips…

“Praise The Lord all my soul – all that is within me praise his holy name!”

May we never stop singing!

Awaken in us a passion for your presence.

Open our eyes to see your Kingdom now and

May we be ready for the kingdom to come

Move mightily upon us,

Move mightily in us and

Move mightily through us






Claire Graves - Thank you, Denise. I’m joining you in that prayer.

Laura - Amen, my friend. Thank you for this beautiful prayer. I’ve found myself wishing we could sit and talk about Haiti. It means so much to share with someone who understands. Thank you for your kind support and all your grace.

Denise - Laura, how I wish we could sit face to face sharing words, hearts and tears.

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