“That Place”

For I will satisfy the weary soul, and every languishing soul I will replenish.

Jeremiah 31:25 ESV


The waves are crashing on the beach and their thunder echoes deep into this soul. This has always been for me a spot where I can catch my breath in a world full of hurried living.  Everyone has “that place” where the voice of God speaks in the softest of whispers and peace envelopes even the most unsettled parts.  The beach just so happens to be mine.

I don’t know why but when the sand meets the roaring waves and the sky falls away into deep waters – there my soul finds rest. This visit came at a time when much of me was spent.  The state of our hearts never goes unnoticed by the One who fashioned each one His hands.  He discerns the when’s and the why’s a soul becomes weary and languishing.

He knows.

He always knows.

Then, He provides.

He replenishes.

I have come far enough down this road of life to realize that seasons don’t just pertain to winter, spring, summer and fall. In the circle of life created by an omnipotent God, seasons are an integral part to all things living and breathing.  Seasons may define but should never confine a life and a soul.  As our God endlessly works – shaping and molding His creation – we must purpose in our hearts to allow change.  Better yet, to embrace it.

And for me, it is so much easier to do so at the beach.

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