Falling Rain


Gratitude and humility are overwhelming me. Pouring down upon me like the incessant rain falling outside my window.  I know long before this earth existed I was on God’s mind. I was and now remain an object of His focus. In Him and through Him, all the broken pieces of my life have been made whole and holy.

I bow my head in humility for I know I deserve none of it. While He has never taken His focus from me, my eyes have not held the same gaze.

Yet, still, grace and mercy flow…

I know I have been placed here and now, much like Esther, for such a time as this. I have been given opportunities to live the life of faith I profess. In Him and through Him I am equipped for the task. He supplies all my needs and all my strength to accomplish what He has set before me.

I fall to my knees in humility knowing I deserve none of this. For while He has the task prepared, I have chosen my own endeavors.

Yet, still, grace and mercy flow…

I know I have been loved completely and sacrificially. Loved to such a depth I cannot fathom where the beginning differs from the ending.

I fall on my face in humility knowing I deserve none of this. While He loves me beyond my comprehension, I fail to love beyond my own irritation.

Yet, still, grace and mercy flow…

As the raindrop falls freely from the sky, so does this grace and mercy fall from Heaven.

I cannot control it.

And, I don’t want to stop it.

Without it my life would be unbearable,

but with each drop that falls I am filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.

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