To those who are outside looking in (Mother’s Day)


This is for you.

You who have longed for days, weeks, years, a lifetime to feel the kick of life within but find yourself empty still

You who have outwardly smiled and laughed celebrating their joy while inside your pain was with knife-like precision stabbing your heart

You who have endured the questions, the suggestions and the comments from those who will never understand the depth of this emptiness

You who find yourself “less than” in a world where we can have everything

You who look “fine” on the outside but find yourself broken and bruised on the inside

You who long for this one day to quickly pass for it is not yours and may never be

This is for you who want to hide away avoiding the awkward moment where it is easier to smile empty than explain “I am not”

This is for you because I know

Because it is also for me….

Oh sweet friend, may we find the comfort in the only One who understands our broken places.

May we hold tight believing in His greater purpose even when we know it has never be our plan.

May we give up this invisible burden and hang on to His amazing grace.

May we dare to trust Him in the pain and yearn with hope to the future.

May we find comfort in knowing that every tear we cry is seen by

His loving eyes and captured by His loving heart.

On this day when we find ourselves left out…

May we find the strength within to move beyond this empty dream

and whisper thanks for what we do have.


Uncontainable, immeasurable grace

Crown of Beauty - I’ve not been around blogland much. There have been many things going on, and I have not been visiting blogs. I write on my blog mostly for monthly updates… and for my two new grandchildren’s monthly blessings.

When I was given that award by a blog friend in Japan, I was quite surprised. I did not think there were still others reading my blog… enough to give it an award.

I had to look through the of blogs I visit to find which are the ones I can pass on. I quickly chose 4, but there are many other blogs I do like. In fact, yours is my top favorite. So, I did add your blog just now to my recent post. I know, like me, you don’t care much about blog awards. But I put your blog in there just the same – for the record.

Love you, dear friend. Let me know how you have been these days.

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