Walk It Out


When the mind is muddled it does one good to walk it out. To lace up one’s shoes and get out of the place where you are jumbled and move into something different.

The hard part is not carrying the weight with you like a pack mule.

Last week, I was there with my shoes on. Seeking to extricate myself from the crazy mess I made, I knew I had to go even if it was in my own backyard.

These walks are the praying kind. Where words are laid aside and a quiet awareness joins in.

We pass through life so quickly these days. Yet in our haste to be somewhere or be someone, we become indifferent to what is right before us. We give away so much and gain nothing in return.

What God gave Adam was not forgiveness of sin. What God gave Adam was the right to begin again.   Elie Wiesel

So, with shoes laced up I crossed this familiar threshold – to begin again.

This was a silent – walk it out. The kind when words were not found but grace makes its appearance.  Beauty right before me.

Sometimes it is easier to see when I am not so busy talking.

Sometimes it is better pray that way too.

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