It moves and rattles the deepest reaches within. Like a geyser preparing to spew its contents that have been too long constrained.

It squeezes both heart and marrow.

It wedges between mind and spirit.

Until no longer can it be contained and pen meets paper or brush meets canvas or fingers meet piano keys.



We are made for this. Creatives we are. Creatives we have always been.

His breath is within us – The Creator’s exhale – our life force.

Inhale deeply.

Exhale the “I am not’s.”

You were born for this.




The enemy cannot create. He can only intimidate…It’s time to take back the places of influence for God and see His beauty, holiness and Gospel become healing fragrance to restore people back to right relationship with Him.

“Born to Create”, Theresa Dedmon



Crown of Beauty - Your words are few but they speak volumes. And I love the photo of what I assume is your own creative work. Beautiful! THe quote from Theresa Dedmon is striking. The enemy cannot create, yes, and all he can do it make counterfeits or cheap imitations. Trusting all is well with you dear friend.

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