Blue Black Morning

I came here to regroup. To find my voice and wrestle with my words.  The beach is always a good place for me and I often say “God is here.”  As if He is nowhere else.  While my heart knows the truth, my mind still believes it to be.  I always come to the water’s edge with expectation and He never fails me.

As I pushed the curtains back to open the sliding door, all I wanted was to hear the music of the waves lap the coast below. The watered symphony served in this moment as the soundtrack to what my eyes beheld in this earliest of hours.

It was a blue black morning.


The sky was clear, the stars were bright and the early morning sunlight rose like an orange mist at the outermost edges of the world. These are the mornings that hit so deep they leave a mark.  But, not all bruises hurt.  Some just dance in cobalt colors underneath the skin like ink from a tattoo artist’s pen.  Leaving indelible art deeply imprinted on the soul.

Moments like this make it easy to see the Creator’s skill as He brushstrokes the sky all way to your heart. We should live for this.  When life in all its crazy rush is lost in this blue black palette.  A forced pause and a deep inhale are most welcomed here.  While the harried haunting of what is yet to be is not.  Those things must be released and left behind to breathe it all in.

We fool ourselves into believing we can hold tight to something yet to happen. It is easier to shackle the wind.


And if we are too busy chasing the wind, or words, or emptied dreams we will never embrace unanticipated graces to come. Leaning into the door frame I knew even if I left this place with not a word put to paper, I wouldn’t leave wanting.

He is here at the water’s edge and in the blue black darkness. He always is.  Still and yet, even if your blue black moment is in the midst of a noisy city block – He is there, too.  The exquisite wonder is that He is there and here and everywhere.  Open yourself to whatever is to come.  Let go of what you are holding.  Live the unexpected beauty.

Remember, not all bruises hurt but the best ones will tattoo your soul.

Lynn T - Denise – my dear friend.

Once again your words hit right in the center of my heart and I have to take a deep breath. Although I do not get to the ocean often, I too feel like God is there in a huge way. But then again I feel that about all nature that He created. It touches me and causes me to stop and praise the Creator. Even in the bleakness of the winter I can find something that will strike me such as the shadows of the bare trees as they creep across the grass in the late afternoon sun.

Thank you again for your beautiful words that open my heart and allow me to feel God’s presence. I needed that this morning.

Love and blessings


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