I am a morning person.  I think I have always been.  In these sacred early hours when the rest of the world is asleep I am awake with anticipation.  Much like the empty page of my journal waits for me to set thoughts down in ink, I wait for this day to unfold.

Mornings are the blank canvas waiting for the brushstrokes of heaven to set its beauty.  These gentle beginnings are a gift.  Every day has the potential of greatness as long as we don’t name it with yesterday’s thoughts.  Yet, we do that don’t we?  Call what is to come by what has already been.  We wish for different but wallow in the same.


Wishing for more doesn’t move us there.

We must welcome the light of this new day and all its moments.  Embrace it for all that it is.  Be attentive to all that happens.  Hold out your hands empty to receive to its every gift.   Not all gifts will come wrapped as we expect but they remain gifts of grace nonetheless.

Today may you find thanks for unexpected surprises.

May your heart find confidence in Him instead of looking at what you think is impossible.

Never forget He is the God of exceedingly, abundantly, more than we can ask or imagine

May all that you are wait quietly before Him.

See Him do a new thing.

And, let go of the old stuff and to welcome it in.

He is the sky painting, star hanging and dust breathing Creator God.

Today let Him create in you.

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