Advent’s Heart

Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness…

It is who we are created beings – image bearers.

…You alone were formed by a huddle of hearts:  Let us make human beings.  The authority of God made all of creation but it was the affection of God that made all His children.  The three persons of the Trinity – Father God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit – gathered close together to imagine you.  And God in three persons, uncontainable affection, knelt down and kissed warm life into you with the breath of His love.

Ann Voskamp, The Greatest Gift


Sweet friends, today I pray you can hold this truth close enough to feel its heartbeat – you, from the very beginning, were made with love.  The fullness of the Trinity dreamed you to be.  Their breath is your life and continues to remain.


May this Advent season find you waiting…not for parties and gifts but for the coming again King.

Amidst the tinsel and lights, may your eyes be open to the opportunities to shine the light of Christ into the life of another. 

May your heart be so overwhelmed that it must overflow in the grocery store, the mall, the workplace and in your very own home.

May each Advent day unfold as a slow unwrapping of creation’s wonder and may you find its beauty as near as your own breath.

Their love – your heartbeat.


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