He is looking for that place in each of us – the empty and waiting.

He knows it’s there even when we cannot remember.  He formed its hollows and the echo of His breath still vibrates within.

This is the very breath that exhaled life into what was fashioned from His heart.  This void stretched like the working of the glass blower’s gentle wind.



Empty always seems to beg to be filled but it is not always discriminating with what it allows to enter in.

Filled isn’t always fitted well.

I just spent six short days unpacking this truth.


Whatever it is we give our time to, our attention to, our thoughts to, this is what fills up our interior space and chips away our capacity little by little.  (Dana Candler)

Whatever it is…good or bad…needed or not…fills us but all too often, doesn’t fit us.  He cannot inhabit a space that is already occupied and yet, this is the space only He can fit.

Six days to unpack the unnecessary to increase my capacity.  A wisp of time spent where author Luci Shaw describes as the place “God can get at me, fix His gaze on me and I cannot turn away.”

Good is gone.  Bad is forgotten.  Needed is no longer necessary and not doesn’t exist.

All that remained was Him, me and the once again, hollowed space.

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