The Shadows – Retreat(2)

It always takes a few days to settle down.  The shadows of the life I just stepped away from – even for this brief moment – fall long and far.  This dim obscurity occurs when something steps in front of the source of Light and lately, too much has been placed in the in-between.  It is no wonder the shadows seem to tumble on forever.

As beautiful and peaceful this place may be it has no magic powers.  To fully enter in I must engage the process.  A journey made a little more difficult when my daily life has become the antithesis of the very things I desire and has tangled itself around and between.  I am learning that escaping a shadowed life requires work to move what is blocking the Light.


But being here is all about unlearning and unleashing.  It is about moving things out and moving me through.  It is learning to stand in the Light and casting my own shadow rather than living in the shadows of something else.

And when I finally get there…

My heart is reawakens and my soul breathes deeper.




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