about me


I am a simple girl with a simple life.

God is my strength, my portion and my song.  It is a good and necessary thing because I am weak, needy and can’t carry a tune even in a bucket!

I love my husband – never perfectly and not always well.

I love my family and friends – pretty much the same.  Loving isn’t easy but it is always worth it.

I love my words – too many at times.

My heart has been wrecked by a world that lives outside my door.  I went to Haiti and came home with eyes wide open and a heart that will never be the same. 

I see need all around me.  I am overwhelmed.

The grace and glory is that He is neither surprised, overwhelmed or absent.  This is my place to remind myself that He is here, wherever I am.  He is not overwhelmed.  He is not surprised.  He was, He is and He will always be.

The daily battles go on but the victory has already been won! 

Can I get an AMEN!

Odessa Ball - Awake since 0400, checking my FB page and your post about Haiti pulled me in to read further. Your blog/writing leaves me speechless. I am both touched and astounded, who knew?? My prayers go with you to Haiti Denise.

Denise - Sweet words Odessa and I am glad you were able to visit awhile. I thank you for your prayers…not so much for me but for those I will encounter. Beautiful people who give me more than I will ever give them.

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