…”tell me what do you have in your house?”  “Your servant has nothing there at all,” she said, “except a little oil.”  (2 Kings 4:2) She was desperate.  Wanting to save her sons from slavery but having “nothing” in her grasp to do so.  At least that is what she thought. I am guessing you […]

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Carly - This is so encouraging. I definitely have those times when I feel I have nothing to offer, but it’s so true that God works in our weakness and if we offer what we have to him he can use it to do more than we would ever have imagined. Visiting from Let Us Grow.

Trudy - This is such a beautiful reminder. “His power made perfect in my weakness – my “nothing.” Thank you for this encouragement today. Have a blessed weekend!

Barbie - How’d you get inside my head? “We have to stop thinking what we have is less than what He can use.” I so often think that what i have isn’t enough. I need to open my hands up to fully receive all that He has for me. Love our site!

Denise - Thanks for stopping by Trudy. I hope your weekend was wonderful.

Denise - Carly, if we only realized that we don’t always have to have the answers or feel like we have the strength. All we need is Him and then He provides. It is a lesson we must learn and relearn. Thanks for stopping by!

Denise - Barbie, I think we all camp here far too frequently. I know that I do. We want to have it “all” whatever that means and we too soon forgot that are all is found in Him alone. Thanks for walking this journey with me over cyberspace!

Lyli @3dlessons4life.com - Denise, I loved visiting your blog today, and your words here are gold. This encouraged me so much. Thank you!

Lidia - What an encouraging post… definitely one I needed to read this evening. It is always good to read your words, and what the Father speaks to my heart through you. Thank you!

Denise - So glad you stopped by Lidia…it is always a treat to receive your encouragement.

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Do You Know What Time It Is?

I was making my way through the parking lot on a mission to clutch my hands around a triple grande extra hot caramel macchiato.  It had been one of those nights when my mind started racing at 1:00 am and the holy nudge to get out of bed and get on my knees to pray […]

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Tracy - So true Denise. A moment of simple kindness and respect can have monumental impact, even life altering.

Denise - Well, hello there friend! And you have gifted me with this moment. Thank you!

Joy Lenton - This is also my heart’s cry: “I pray to see the sacred in the ordinary.” And I share the pain at missing holy moments in the mundane when life itself seems to intrude too much. In the slowing down we sense God’s presence better. In the setting aside time for one another we live life more at His pace, those gentle, unforced rhythms of grace. I loved your story, Denise. Blessed to be your neighbour at the #WeekendWhispers link up. 🙂

Denise - Thanks for visiting, Joy! May you be blessed also!

Carrie - How true – that so many people simply want another person to talk to! Blessings to you for sharing this story!

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