When the want of more found me

We have been snowed in since Friday when the Blizzard of 2016 made its way into my neighborhood.  Gratefully, though we may have shoveled a whole lot of snow, we didn’t have the horrible winds or lack of power often associated with storms like this.  It could have been worse.  It almost always can. So […]

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Lynn T - Denise

Such a great blog and perfect in it’s timing. I was just talking to a co-worker about these things after having a conversation with someone close to me about waiting. About being tired and wondering if what they are doing is what they are supposed to be doing. I was thinking this morning that sometimes we just need to stay and wait.

Beautiful pictures – especially the Hawk!! God is so good!!

Love and blessings


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Rote and Ritual

I am sure I have prayed these words a million times and yet, they seemed so unfamiliar.  It happens when things become rote and ritual.  Their power lost in our inattentiveness.  We stop seeing.  We stop hearing.  Today, however, I saw and it shook me to the core.  You see, it’s easy in this world […]

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Lynn T - Amen to that Denise. You have spoken what I have been thinking.

God – please help us to live as Christ did – never judging others but always meeting them where they are. May we forgive as you have forgiven us!!

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