Blue Black Morning

I came here to regroup. To find my voice and wrestle with my words.  The beach is always a good place for me and I often say “God is here.”  As if He is nowhere else.  While my heart knows the truth, my mind still believes it to be.  I always come to the water’s […]

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Lynn T - Denise – my dear friend.

Once again your words hit right in the center of my heart and I have to take a deep breath. Although I do not get to the ocean often, I too feel like God is there in a huge way. But then again I feel that about all nature that He created. It touches me and causes me to stop and praise the Creator. Even in the bleakness of the winter I can find something that will strike me such as the shadows of the bare trees as they creep across the grass in the late afternoon sun.

Thank you again for your beautiful words that open my heart and allow me to feel God’s presence. I needed that this morning.

Love and blessings


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It moves and rattles the deepest reaches within. Like a geyser preparing to spew its contents that have been too long constrained. It squeezes both heart and marrow. It wedges between mind and spirit. Until no longer can it be contained and pen meets paper or brush meets canvas or fingers meet piano keys.   We […]

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Crown of Beauty - Your words are few but they speak volumes. And I love the photo of what I assume is your own creative work. Beautiful! THe quote from Theresa Dedmon is striking. The enemy cannot create, yes, and all he can do it make counterfeits or cheap imitations. Trusting all is well with you dear friend.

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Let the Stones Speak

Last Saturday, I walked a labyrinth. It is something that I have always wanted to do but never have had the opportunity – at least not in the realness of cobblestones crammed with twists and turns. Walking a labyrinth probably seems like such an odd thing to do for some. I have to confess my […]

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Lisa notes - I’ve only walked 2 labyrinths, but both were wonderful experiences. Strange as it sounds. ha. But you probably understand now for yourself. It is “mystery wrapped in the ordinary”–nicely said.

Denise - Lisa, I am looking forward to stepping again. Sometimes it is the incredible simple acts that pull with the deepest tugs, won’t you agreed?

Laura - Hey, beautiful you! I saw your sweet face in the comments over at Lisa’s and had to come and visit. It’s been too long. I love how you say this, Denise, “Mystery wrapped in the ordinary act of putting one foot in front of the other.” Yes, I’ve experienced this. But I do have to slow and quiet myself to find that sacred place. Happy day to you, friend!

Denise - Happy Day to you! It has been too long, Laura. I still wish we could have visited more at Allume. Another day, soon, I hope.

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