Let the Stones Speak

Last Saturday, I walked a labyrinth. It is something that I have always wanted to do but never have had the opportunity – at least not in the realness of cobblestones crammed with twists and turns. Walking a labyrinth probably seems like such an odd thing to do for some. I have to confess my […]

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Lisa notes - I’ve only walked 2 labyrinths, but both were wonderful experiences. Strange as it sounds. ha. But you probably understand now for yourself. It is “mystery wrapped in the ordinary”–nicely said.

Denise - Lisa, I am looking forward to stepping again. Sometimes it is the incredible simple acts that pull with the deepest tugs, won’t you agreed?

Laura - Hey, beautiful you! I saw your sweet face in the comments over at Lisa’s and had to come and visit. It’s been too long. I love how you say this, Denise, “Mystery wrapped in the ordinary act of putting one foot in front of the other.” Yes, I’ve experienced this. But I do have to slow and quiet myself to find that sacred place. Happy day to you, friend!

Denise - Happy Day to you! It has been too long, Laura. I still wish we could have visited more at Allume. Another day, soon, I hope.

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Rainy Morning Chaos

I could hear the rain falling.  Well, truth be told it wasn’t in the falling but rather in its landing.   Clink, clink as incessant drops hit the siding and the gutter.  Into this clamor I awoke today and surprisingly, it felt gentle in all the noise.  Rainy mornings are like that – gentle. As I […]

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Lynn T - Denise – how fun. As I was walking in my yard in the rain the other day I remembered how as a child I would love to play in the rain, splash in the puddles, and make little boats out of all kinds of leaves, twigs, etc. to watch them carried away on the rush of water in the ditches on the side of the road by my home. Such fun and so simple.

Denise - Lynn, great memories and I have many of the same. Trying to lose some of the “grown-up” angst about playing in the rain…next time I’ll call you!

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Ugly Beautiful

Her words sliced the air between us.  To the casual observer these words would appear innocuous at best but between her and me they sliced deftly as newly sharpened knife.  Her anxiety and frustration found release in her words and dredged up something long since forgotten in me.  It was as if these words were a […]

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Isunji - Your beautiful words have moved me once again. Praying that healing comes swiftly for both of you. Community is work, huh? Love you friend.

Denise - Girl, don’t you know it! Work…the get down and dirty kind and yet, isn’t that the best. Work that you can walk away from and know that you gave it your all. Love you too…and healing has come.

Lynn T - Once again you share your heart and it touches mine. My prayer is for complete healing. Yes community is messy – even Jesus knew that. But our God is a God of redemption and even the brokenness of relationships can be redeemed. Love you.

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