To those who are outside looking in (Mother’s Day)

This is for you. You who have longed for days, weeks, years, a lifetime to feel the kick of life within but find yourself empty still You who have outwardly smiled and laughed celebrating their joy while inside your pain was with knife-like precision stabbing your heart You who have endured the questions, the suggestions […]

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Crown of Beauty - I’ve not been around blogland much. There have been many things going on, and I have not been visiting blogs. I write on my blog mostly for monthly updates… and for my two new grandchildren’s monthly blessings.

When I was given that award by a blog friend in Japan, I was quite surprised. I did not think there were still others reading my blog… enough to give it an award.

I had to look through the of blogs I visit to find which are the ones I can pass on. I quickly chose 4, but there are many other blogs I do like. In fact, yours is my top favorite. So, I did add your blog just now to my recent post. I know, like me, you don’t care much about blog awards. But I put your blog in there just the same – for the record.

Love you, dear friend. Let me know how you have been these days.

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