Change Me


Change me but don’t make me whole – at least not yet.

Fix what is broken but leave the cracks.  Through fissures You are seen.  Fractures show Your glory and tell of my weakness.  I need my weaknesses to be told because I don’t tell them often enough. 

I try to hide them with distance and a smile. 

When did I believe weak wasn’t worthy?  When did the Truth of …(Your) power is made perfect in weakness…lose to the lie that perfect is worth pretending to be?

Change me Lord, but don’t make me whole – at least not yet.

Mend what is broken but leave the cracks.  Their presence will be Your grace.  Broken will be my testimony. 


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Five Minute Friday

This is the place we write for 5 minutes – no more – no less – no editing. It might not be perfect but it is real!

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Beholding Glory

ro ellliott - hopping in from five minute…this is just beautiful…I love the picture…I love the words…blessings to you as He shine through us all~

Becky - “Broken will be my testimony.”….mine, too! Love that!!

Denise - Shine brightly, my friend! Thanks for visiting!

Denise - We all are broken – just not all admit it! :o) Thanks for stopping by!

Denise - Beyond beautiful.

Denise - Thanks Denise! Nice to meet you!

Michele-Lyn - This was really beautiful. I love the last line, “Broken will be my testimony.”

Denise - Michele-Lyn – it is all our testimony. Broken to be healed.

Isunji - <3

Denise - Hi sweet friend! Hope you are having an amazing Sunday!

Angala - Blessed from your honesty.

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