Rainy Morning Chaos

wet leafI could hear the rain falling.  Well, truth be told it wasn’t in the falling but rather in its landing.   Clink, clink as incessant drops hit the siding and the gutter.  Into this clamor I awoke today and surprisingly, it felt gentle in all the noise.  Rainy mornings are like that – gentle.

As I settled in my chair, with coffee cup in hand, I couldn’t help but think of the cleansing that was happening.  Nature being bathed in this glistening liquid and at the same time, it was washing awake in me a restlessness.

I wanted to go out and walk in the downpour – to be bathed in its falling liquid wonder.  I craved to smell the freshness as it was being poured out but I found myself instead sitting dry in all my wishes.

Not for long, though.

I am not one to wander on the wild side.  Ask anyone who knows me.  I don’t walk in the rain because of the inconvenience it causes – wet clothes and bad hair.  In a life that loves order inconvenience creates chaos.

But friends, this has been a week – a very good one – full of opening and shutting with lots of purging in between.  This week I have purposely sought to disturb all that has settled these last few years.  One can get quite comfy when life accumulates around you.  A little welcomed chaos does wonders for the home and for the heart.

So as I sipped my coffee, I pondered the rain and my current state of cozy dryness.  I came to the conclusion there was no good reason to sit here dry in my wishing while there were many to go and risk the soaking.

So, I did.

I welcomed the chaos.  I walked in the rain.  I stood face up in its downpour.  I can say with clothes and hair clinging wet, friends, I was right.  It was worth the soaking.

Lynn T - Denise – how fun. As I was walking in my yard in the rain the other day I remembered how as a child I would love to play in the rain, splash in the puddles, and make little boats out of all kinds of leaves, twigs, etc. to watch them carried away on the rush of water in the ditches on the side of the road by my home. Such fun and so simple.

Denise - Lynn, great memories and I have many of the same. Trying to lose some of the “grown-up” angst about playing in the rain…next time I’ll call you!

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